St. Anselm Students Visit Inti Academy

On Friday August 28th, Inti Academy and Saint Anselm College organized a pickup soccer and pizza day for Saint Anselm Students and Inti children at the Beech St. park.  18 freshman St. A's students came to Inti for three hours on Friday afternoon as part of their new student orientation. Gilbert Manier (Inti Coach and player at Southern New Hampshire University), Bruno Victal (former board member and local coach), and Max Latona (Inti Board Member) ran the proceedings.  It was fabulous, as you can tell from the photos. Bruno ran the warmups and  ice-breaker activities that had all of the students and players in stitches.


Here is an overview of the day:

  *   An quick overview of Inti to the college students
  *   The Inti children stood up and introduced themselves one by one, explained where their families are from, and what they like most about Inti (soccer, futsal, and art were the most popular responses)
  *   The college students stood up and introduced themselves, where they are from, what they are studying, and what they want to be when they "grow up."
  *   Bruno's warmups--the highlight of the day.
  *   Some fun soccer drills pairing a college student with an Inti child
  *   Scrimmages with mixed teams of college students and Inti children
  *   Pizza and Gatorade