Inti Spotlight: Krishna

Krishna is a spirited 13-year-old who is passionate about all things soccer. He was born in Nepal, and lived there until he was six, at which point he, his 3 siblings and his parents moved to Manchester. Krishna started playing soccer in Nepal, but had only a plastic and elastic band ball. When he came to the United States, Krishna spoke no English, so Inti became a vital part of his assimilation here. He was introduced to Inti by a classmate who also played soccer with Inti.  

When asked about his favorite Inti memory, with a smile Krishna mentions the Amherst Soccer Tournament.  He loved it so much and had fun playing with and against friends.  Krishna is a speedy left wing with a strong right foot.  Jaime Pendleton, who is largely in charge of the soccer program at Inti (among many other things), says that Krishna is “fast and aggressive.” Not only can Krishna make important streaks along the wing, he has also played defense and even goalie! Certainly a versatile and valuable player! Krishna also really enjoys the moments immediately after the game ends because at that point he can get together with his teammates and “brag about the different moves” they pulled. Krishna plays for his middle school team, McLaughlin, and for Nepal FC, a nonprofit that aims to foster a sense of strong community among Nepalese immigrants.  

In school, Krishna loves language arts.  He admits that math is easier, but he really loves words. He hopes to become a professional soccer player, but he knows he must continue to work hard in school - just in case professional soccer falls through.  School is out for this soccer star on the rise, and he is looking forward to everything going on at Inti this summer and especially to "play soccer all the time!"