Inti Spotlight - Claude Kwizera

Claude Kwizera is one of the many success stories at Inti Academy, where we are lucky enough to have gifted children from over 19 different countries.   All of these children have a common thread in their love for soccer, but have talents in many additional areas.  Inti is proud to have played a small roll in their lives.

Claude and his family moved to the United States from Tanzania in 2007 as refugees.  There are ten people in his family, with many cousins and nephews as part of his extended family.  Claude first joined Inti in 2009 as part of our soccer, academic and field trip programs.   When Claude first came to Inti he often struggled to adjust to his new peer group and environment.   Through his experiences with Inti and other organizations, Claude has been able to change his life for the better.

In 2010, Inti was able to foster a recognized talent for the arts by registering Claude in programs at the Currier Museum of Art.   The Currier has also noticed Claude’s abilities and has since awarded him scholarships to continue art classes.  

Today, Claude is a proud artist with high self-esteem.   Claude plans to attend college and wants to become an art teacher after graduation.

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