Letter from the Chairman

Dear Friends of Inti Academy,

On behalf of Inti’s Board of Directors, it is with pleasure that I write this message to all of you who have supported Inti over the last four years, and especially to those of you who have not heard from us in a while.  With this inaugural edition of Inti Insider, our regular newsletter, we are now able to keep all of you abreast of the work that Inti is doing, and the children that we are serving.  Most importantly, it allows me to to say to each and every one of you on behalf of all of Inti and its children: thank you.  Thank you for your generous donations of soccer equipment, clothing, footwear, food, signage, school supplies, coaches, and, of course, your volunteer time and financial resources.  Inti would not exist without your selflessness, and countless children have benefitted from your assistance.

Over the last four years, Inti has grown stronger in providing services for Manchester’s refugee and immigrant youth population.  We offer regular programming year-round, including academic instruction and enrichment, soccer and futsal training and game-play, summer camps, field trips, and artistic and musical experiences.  With schoolteachers leading our academic programming, professional coaches from Seacoast United and New Hampshire Premier Soccer leading our soccer programming, a host of volunteers from local colleges assisting us, and a talented core of officers and directors leading the way, the Inti children are receiving wonderful guidance in helping them grow and develop into healthy, responsible, and creative adults.  You will read more about what we are doing in this and future newsletters.

Inti’s children come from all over the world, including Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, Congo, Burundi, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Uruguay, Bosnia, Iraq, Nepal (via Bhutan), Hong Kong, and a host of other countries.  Each and every one of them loves America, and each and every one of them brings a rich set of traditions, beliefs, values, and latent talents to our shores.  Our mission is to provide them with the opportunities to help them develop these talents, the guidance to assist them in developing good habits and character, and the instruction to help their bodies and minds grow.  Learning how to speak, write, and read English properly is often their most pressing need, which is why it has become the focus of our academic program.  You will read about many of these children that we help in the course of our newsletters.  In each edition of Inti Insider, we will try to feature a story about one of our refugee or immigrant children, so that you can see more directly those whom are being helped by our programming.

Inti has many success stories over the years, from soccer players who have gone on to join the US National team pool of players, young artists who have achieved acclaim, students who have earned their diplomas and found good jobs, but also troubled children who have turned their lives around for the better.  Each child is a story unto him or herself, and it is often impossible to measure the good that our hard-working staff and volunteers do.

Countless times since Inti’s founding I have reflected on Inti’s raison d’être, i.e., why we are doing what we do for these children? One answer to which I keep returning is this: these children are our children.  They belong to our neighbors, our community, our people, and if we do not help them grow, then who will?  Our municipal, state, and federal resources are already stretched thin, so it becomes our duty to assist them.  After all, they are the future of our city and nation: if they grow well, we all benefit; but if they grow badly, we all suffer.  The other answer to which I keep returning is found in the faces of these children: when you see their joy when they receive a good meal, tie on their first pair of (used) soccer cleats, score a goal, draw a beautiful picture, read a sentence well, or simply earn the praise of our staff for good behavior, then you know that helping these children is its own reward.

Thank you again for all of your support.

Warm Regards,
Max Latona
Inti Academy of Manchester