Artworks! In Schools - Comes to Inti Academy

Artworks! In Schools - Comes to Inti Academy

Inti Academy is partnering with Currier Museum Art Center's community outreach initiative ArtWorks! In Schools to provide a four-week multi-media art course as part of Inti's after-school enrichment activities. The course is fully funded thanks to generous grants from The Oleonda Jameson Trust and NH Charitable Foundation. There will be four ninety-minute classes conducted at Inti Academy during February and March 2014.

According the Bruce McColl, Art Center Director, “We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Inti and to draw from the core class offerings of our in-house programs to bring art to a group of eager inner-city children. We will make a difference for them by building creativity and skills in the visual arts, encouraging self-expression, cross-cultural and historical understanding, self-esteem, team building and cooperation."

Inti Academy has a four-year track record of working with the Currier Art Center. As a team, we transformed the life of Claude Kwizera, a refugee from Tanzania, by sponsoring his art classes. Claude has been featured as a success story by Currier Museum in its recent course catalogue and newsletter. ArtWorks! In Schools will enrich and potentially transform more lives, ages 6 to 14, as an integral part of our after-school academic program. We introduced art projects recently and the response has been amazing. The Currier course will add measurably to the art experience and excitement for the children.

Several children in our after-school program already have drawing skills and real promise as budding artists. Additionally, most kids are interested in learning how to draw and paint.

We transformed one life. Now we want to help more needy and deserving children reach new heights of achievement and inspiration through art.

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