Academic Program Update - February 2013

Over 60 members of Inti’s academic program ended 2012 with a study of holidays across cultures and shared their favorite traditions with food from their native land.

In January of 2013, we honored Martin Luther King JR. and sparked an interest for
biographies while reading about historic African American figures. From Harriet Tubman to Jessie Owens, Bill Cosby and more, Inti members discovered the important facts to share when writing a biography. Students now continue their study as they welcome college volunteers from Southern New Hampshire University. The biographies came to life as they composed a snapshot of each mentor’s life.

Over the next month, these college students will embrace the diversity and uniqueness that makes Inti life changing. Individuals will come together in small groups to explore books about Presidents as well as create their own life story while improving literacy skills and multicultural awareness.

Needs for the program include healthy foods and snacks to nourish active minds as well as transportation so that learning can stretch beyond four walls and into the world around us. As the membership at Inti continues to expand, it is crucial that the number of staff and mentors grow to ensure  the ideal ratio of adult to child.