A Very Busy Summer

GK Camp ~ Pick-up in the Park ~ African / Caribbean Celebration

During the week of July 22-26, Lorenzo and Josue attended Goal Keeper Camp thanks to the generous donation of Logan Hoffman and the NH Keeper Academy. The boys were thrilled to receive a brand new pair of gloves!  More info about NH Keeper Academy camps can be found by clicking here.

On Wednesday July 31st, Inti started pick-up in the park. There were 26 kids in attendance of ages 6-16. Players played small sided games with pug nets that were donated.   Everyone is invited.  Pick-up is from 6-8pm on Wednesdays in August at Sheridan Emmett Park.  For directions - click here.

On Saturday, August 3 The Ujima Collective hosted it’s annual African/Caribbean Celebration at Veterans Park. There were over 20 Inti Families in attendance and many Inti Children preformed. A group of four girls danced at the celebration while three sisters were dressed in African Attire during the fashion show. A few others participated in the Dance-Off competition. It was a great event.   To find out more about the Ujima Colective - click here


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